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Welcome to the Mastering My Story Intensive Group Training.
What mastering your story will do for you.
Storytelling is powerful because it multiplies your ability to influence, teach, inspire and most importantly connect with people, promote ideas and unite people. Stories teach us to love, forgiveness, righteousness and to strive for more. They are useful in every avenue of our lives to build rich and diverse connections and relationships.


Storytelling amplifies the interest factor inherent to any information. It becomes differentiated and memorable. It acquires value. Your story is exactly the same. It will connect you to people, clients, partners, even investors.

You experience life, work and people every day, enriching your knowledge and innate wisdom. You are a story worth telling. Telling it right changes lives. Yours and those of others.

What you will accomplish during the


Intensive Group Training

  • Discover the raw ingredients for your story mastery
  • Increase your presentation power
  • Identify who can gain value from your story and why
  • ​Recognize what may be missing from your story
  • Cultivate your confidence and conviction in the telling of your story
  • Honor who you are as the Storyteller

Mr. Les Brown and Dr. Ona Brown are the facilitators for this portion of your training program.

Each of our 7~8 scheduled sessions will be designed to last for a minimum 45 minutes and then we will close out with an approximate (15) minute Q & A session with the remaining time in each training.

The questions may be submitted prior to the training sessions and will be handled on a first come…first served basis. Additional questions may also be addressed live during the session…should time permit.

"Life is filled with accelerated change, pressing challenges and a boatload of choices. Now is the time to be authentic, be empowered and reclaim your dream! Your dream ownership is authorized by YOU!”
Ona Brown
Access the Assessment
In order to properly customize our in depth training sessions…please click on the provided link and complete as soon as time permits. This assessment is mandatory for your participation, once completed you will receive the invitation to the private Facebook group.
We greatly appreciate and look forward to watching you soar and become the powerful storyteller that you have the potential to be!
  • With today’s information overload, stories can cut through the noise to get the message across and influence people.
  • ​How to use stories to stimulate our senses and involve people emotionally.​
  • Carefully consider your audience and objective in advance to craft your story and choose the best channel.
  • ​Choose the language that best suits your audience.
  • ​Make your story should be unique and authentic.
  • ​How to use personal details to create connection.
  • ​Using storytelling strategically.
  • ​Development of your personal brand story, capturing what you are known for as well as what you strive to be.

Storytelling runs in the family

“ONA Brown landed right next to the tree of her father Les Brown; yet in her own unique way she passionately shares amazing insights and information that penetrates the hearts of her audience in a powerful, moving and inspiring way!”

Raule King, Library of Congress Chapter, Washington DC

Ona Brown is a personal and professional transformation expert who has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people by inspiring and motivating audiences in hundreds of cities around the world. Her innate talent for storytelling is in many ways a family affair. Inheriting a love for people from her father Les, she is as passionate as he is for motivating and empowering people to change their lives, and those of others.

For over 25 years interacting with individuals, professionals, and audiences, Ona brings the “Brown” touch to enabling people with the mindset and tools to achieve greater deeds or even greatness itself. The belief that everyone is naturally gifted and blessed with the inner power to be whatever they choose, to live fulfilled lives and simply do good to others is central to her life, 

further perpetuating the family tradition and achievements of a lifetime.

Her faith in the righteousness of her path and her message have been recognized in the US and around the world, largely due her ability to convey the importance of her mission through her ability to craft her compelling story and share it with the world.

Ona’s reward: to be blessed with the possibility to share her message with people from all walks of life including her prominent clients, which include top Fortune 500 executives and companies, American Airlines, British Petroleum, National Sales Network, Federal Reserve Bank, Miami Dade Airport, Deloitte, United Way Women Entrepreneurs among other.

Dr. Ona Brown
Ona Brown has made her mark as an expert in personal and professional transformation throughout the world, inspiring and motivating audiences in hundreds of cities in the U.S. as well as numerous locations abroad including London, England; Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa and Stockholm, Sweden.

Along with her consulting, coaching and corporate training firm, World Impact Now (WIN), Ona continues to blaze a trail of transformation, empowerment and leadership development, breaking down perceived barriers and speaking to people of all walks of life.

Mr. Les Brown
As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. For three decades he has not only studied the science of achievement, he’s mastered it by interviewing hundreds of successful business leaders and collaborating with them in the boardroom translating theory into bottom-line results for his clients.
Watch Ona Speak
“I enjoyed listening to Ms. Ona Brown on the radio. When she announced that she was doing a workshop, I immediately called and got the information. I tried to talk myself out of going because I didn’t want to give up three hours on a Saturday. However I got dressed and found the place. IT WAS THE BEST THREE HOURS THAT I COULD HAVE SPENT ON MYSELF! As the kids say, she was all that and a bag of chips. Gosh, the three hours felt like only 30 minutes because it was very enlightening and really gave me something to think about. Ona is one dynamite young lady! I am really glad that I was able to attend her workshop!”

Renita Morse

Washington, DC

“ONA Brown has a gift of grace that flows throughout her message, providing a powerful yet practical delivery that fosters personal and professional growth, as well as a resurgence of energy. She is truly a burst of bright glowing sunshine that warms the heart and fills the spirit!”

Lena Weathers Johnson

Principal, Smart Talk Seminars,

Atlanta GA

"Ona Brown’s presentation was well received. She engaged our group, kept us interested, made us laugh, pumped us up and motivated us to take actions for the United Way. Ona is an amazingly dynamic and electrifying speaker! We feel very fortunate to have experienced her gift!"

Laura Jimenez

Akerman Senterfitt Attorneys,

Law Miami, Florida

Our Professional Development Speaker for the February Meeting was Ona Brown who spoke eloquently on “How to Fall in Love With Your Life”. Ona’s presentation was dynamic and inspiring and held the audience in rapt attention. In her presentation, she spoke about taking the time to sharpen your own vision, skills and abilities, through diligent self-development… which is a key component in creating a romance with your unfolding destiny.

She also…emphasized empowering yourself with simple methods and techniques that enhance your ability to appreciate, enjoy and savor the beauty of your most precious gift…YOUR LIFE! Needless to say…she was a big hit and we gained tremendously be featuring her on our program.

Charles Skillas

PhD, DD, FNGH, CI National Guild of Hypnotist,

Inc. Atlanta, Georgia

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ona Brown in August of 2010 and was blown away. Due to a physical challenge, her Father, Mr. Les Brown was unable to keep his commitment to speak at our event. Ona willingly, at the last minute, stepped up to the plate and filled in for her Father. I can say, without a doubt, that when you need someone to step up, take command and provide an outstanding program…ONA IS THE ONE!

Watching and listening to Ona Brown was like sitting in your kitchen conversing with your best friend. You receive great insights and ah-ha moments that are filled with laughter as you walk away with delicious food for thought.

I would recommend Ona for any program or forum that you may have in mind…with her understanding and genuine love for people…it is always a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all concerned parties.

Vaile Leonard

Founder/CEO The Light Truth Center,

Inc. Baltimore, Maryland

“ONA Brown landed right next to the tree of her father Les Brown; yet in her own unique way she passionately shares amazing insights and information that penetrates the hearts of her audience in a powerful, moving and inspiring way!”

Raule King

Library of Congress Chapter,

Washington DC

Ona Brown is down to earth, personable and easy for various people within a diverse audience to relate to. Her presentations are very inspiring and empower us to expand our visions…beyond our self-imposed limitations. She is a powerful addition to any event of any kind…I have watched her on several different occasions, in several different environments…DELIVER POWERFULLY…to the point of AMAZED STANDING OVATIONS!

Monica Brooks

LPN, CCRP Pain Treatment Center of the Bluegrass Lexington,

Kentucky speaking

Ona has worked with leading global companies

Alonzo Mourning’s Youth Summer Groove

Atlanta Public Library

Bahamas Faith Ministries (Dr. Myles Munroe)

Better Trades (Freddie Rick)

Bob Proctor Conference

Broward County Library

Christ Universal Temple Church

Church of Today


Community in Schools


Delta Sigma Sorority

Department of Revenue

Ebenezer United Methodist Church

Edison Schools

Emory University

Florida Community Action Center

FraserNet Networking Conference

Friendship West Baptist Church

Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes

God’s Leading Ladies (First Lady Serita Jakes)

Herbal Life (London, England)

HoneyShine Foundation

Hope Center

Inverstor’s Digest

Liberty League (Rome, Italy)

Noni Juice Intl


National Speaker’s Assoc.

Go Pro ~ Eric Worrie

John Maxwell Institute

Dr. Traci Lynn Conference

Project Managers Assoc.

Boys & Girls Club


Les Brown Speaker Training

Get Motivated Events

The Steve Harvey Foundation

Women of Wealth

Bethune Cookman College

Mark Victor Hansen Events

Mary Kay

Mcgrath Real Estate Training (Sydney, Australia)

Mega Fest (Bishop T.D. Jakes)

Miami Dade Housing Authority

Miami International Airport

Missouri Boot Heel Healthy Start

NAREB Women’s Council

National Association of Female Executives

National Association of Real Estate Brokers

National Speaker Association

Natl Partnership for Community Leadership

Natl Professional Network Cruise

New Birth Baptist Church

Noni Juice


Ruach Ministries London, England

SCAN New York

Shelton Bady Foundation

Spelman College

Team Global Express (Stockholm, Sweden)

The Faith Center

The Productivity People

Tuskegee University Alumni

United Foundation for Aids

United Postal Service

United Way

Unity Center of Miami

Women Entreprenurs of America

Women In Technology

World Literacy Crusade

WVON Talk of Chicago Women Conference

Young Haitian American Professional Assoc.

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